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Gatsby Green

"If it wasn't for the mist we could see your home across the bay... You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock."

Andrew Gn Pre Fall 2014

Il Mare Atelier on Etsy and Artfire

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Spring Color Trends

Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival (春节) as it is known, shall soon be upon us.  Before you dive into the shopping frenzy to revamp your wardrobe for a brand new year, inspire yourself with these 2015 Spring color trends.  I am definitely loving the pastels and natural landscape hues!

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Also check out Harper's Bazzar for 2015 Jewelry Trends:

Choke Hold by Ralph Lauren

If you are planning a wedding, hop over to Pantone's wedding color guide for ideas:

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Make Your Mark

Literally I mean.  If you love calligraphy and stationery like I do, you'll swoon over these for sure.

Wax Seals

First adopted in the Middle Ages to authenticate letters and packages, the use of wax seals has declined as electronic correspondence grew.  However, wax seals are still popular with those who practise the art of letter writing.  And these ones are exquisite!



Letterpress Print

I always have a soft spot for letterpress print and finally indulged myself with a box of blank notecards by Inkadinkadoodle.  Check out this cute number below:

Letterpress print is also often used in business cards and wedding invitations.  How gorgeous are these!

The Painterly Floral wedding invitation by Rachel Marvin Creative

Downton Abbey-inspired wedding invitation by Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence 

Black + White :: The Design Inspiration

For the minimalist :: The Design Inspiration


Last Christmas, I received an awesome gift from Craft Varies whose work has been picked up by the likes of Chanel, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton.  Drop him a quote over at Instagram with #CraftVariesquoteme and see your quotes come to life!

The perfect stamp I've been waiting for:

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Holiday Cheer


Christmas is a time for family gatherings, remembering friends and fun for the kids!  As we toast to the end of another fantastic year, I would like to give thanks to friends and clients who have supported Il Mare Atelier... here is wishing you great health and happiness in the new year!  Cheers!

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5 Ideas to Plant a little Love

If you are looking to be creative with your plant arrangements, check out these ideas below.

1. Planting seeds in an ice-cream cone is definitely a bio-degradable way to conserve the environment:

2. Learn how to set up your DIY book planter here:

3. Can driftwood go with succulents?  Take a look at this sophisticated arrangement below!


4. How would you like to makeover a vintage bird cage:


5. Fancy an egg shell garden?  How cute is this:

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Save your ears!

Did you know that earlobes tend to sag with age?  The earlobe starts to lengthen and wearing heavy earrings can only make it worse.  Or if you have thin ear lobes, you may find that drop earrings tend to "fall" forward on your ears.

What solutions are out there?  Fillers can help and so can totally needle-free solutions such as BlingDots and Ear Lift.

But how about my earrings, you ask.  Can I still wear them?  Yes, but go for alternatives such as ear leverbacks that fit snugly to ear lobes with a secure click.  You won't need to worry about losing them, especially if it is an expensive pair.  On the other hand, post style earrings can help to cover the lengthened piercing and droopy ear lobes.



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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

We will buy very pretty things
A-walking through the faubourgs
Violets are blue, roses are red
Violets are blue, I love my loves.
 Les Miserables, Fantine, Book Seven, Chapter Six

Sweet Violet Bride

The sun setting on a gorgeous lavender field +

Purple Sunset on Etsy and Artfire

A non-traditional wedding gown, heartstopping nonetheless +

Always a fan of letterpress printing, I swooned over these gilded elegant invitations at Oh So Beautiful Paper

Finally ending off with this charming quote:

"The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily
do not rob the little violet of it's scent nor the daisy of its simple charm.
If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness."
― Therese de Lisieux

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