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I have often shied away from creating whole jewellery collections, that is, matching earings, necklace, and bracelet, as I felt to wear all of these at the same time would be too over the top.

However, a lovely customer approached me recently to design a bespoke pair of earrings to match the Seashore necklace she purchased. Not wanting the overall look to be too heavily accessorised, I kept the clusters simple while retaining the overall flow of the design:

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Good things come in small packages

When I first chanced upon Rosalera, I thought this was the most beautiful way to freeze memories in time! It is amazing how a humble piece of history (think vintage lace...) or nature (think petite flowers...) could be encased in resin and sterling silver and "live" forever.

Well, I bought myself a piece of history (antique venetian lace with vintage kimono silk) from Rosalera, could not bear to use them for a long time and finally made these:

More goodness from Rosalera:

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