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Red & Blue

Sometimes I feel like I want to do a piece with a strong color theme, and what better than the primary colors of red and blue you ask?

2011 Christian Louboutin High Heels Jeweled Platform Slingback


On Etsy and Artfire
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Inspiration :: This is glamorous!

Old world charm and luscious fabrics...who could resist these!  My favorite is the seafoam, turquoise train in the first picture...there is just an ethereal, dreamy feel to it!  Which is your favorite?

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Dazzling in gold :: a touch of vintage glamour

It has been some time since I created a style board in Polyvore.  However, on my daily blog reads, I stumbled upon some very beautiful inspiration boards and that nudged to drop into my account again.  I'm no talent at this, so I could only do up a very simple style board for the day:

A touch of vintage glamour

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Natural Curiosities

I have to say that I was not particularly attracted to natural (gem) curiosities before but recently they seem to grow on me.

Druzy agates, geode slices, solar quartz, ammonite fossils...the organic feel and style of these stones create an interesting twist from the usual sparkling gems I use and somehow, by incorporating these stones into my work, I feel like I could enshrine a part of mother nature forever.

Jasper Stalagtite earrings

 Ammonite fossil pendant

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