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Peaches and Cream

The apricot-peach color, one of the perennial favorites in my wardrobe, is a common theme that runs through these lovely scenes below.  No matter how bad the day has been going, it has the uncanny ability to lift the spirit and brighten up the day.  In the right ensemble, it can transform a girl into a sweet and sophisticated lady.

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Giverny's Gardens

I chanced upon this beautiful sight in Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny.  It is amazingly tranquil yet does not detract from the vibrant lush colors of the fabled gardens.

I have tried to capture my own with songea sapphires and mint green amethysts in this piece here:

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I heart :: Cornflowers

photographed by Michaël Pontégnie from Belgium, June 2002
The lovely cornflower, a tradition of English country gardens, becomes my latest inspiration.

Also known as the Bachelor's Button, it was said that the cornflower was worn in buttonholes of young men in love when they went courting the ladies.  Cornflowers last so well after cutting, that the couple could dance the night away and the cornflower would sparkle.

How lovely would it be to dress up your ears with these:

And to sleep with these:

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