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The Perfect Moment

Organising a bunch of gems of various colors, hues and shapes together into an interesting and unique palette is for me, very often a result of serendipidity.  The process is almost like searching for and capturing the perfect moment - a surprise of colors juxtaposed yet in harmony.

I believe that a jewelry artisan works very much the same way an oil painter approaches his paints.  Bearing the principles of the color theory in our minds, every discovery of a unique palette is at once heartstopping and breathtaking.  It is a perfect moment, and a gift.

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Merry Christmas and looking forward to spring...

Apologies for the long hiatus.... I have been working hard!  And finally Christmas is here!  Wherever you are, have fun, celebrate and may all your dreams be realised in the coming year.

Here is a bouquet from me to you, looking forward to spring :-)

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