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Wish List for a Handmade Christmas

Handmade to me means a beautiful work of art, a means of connecting with another artist. I'm growing to be quite a big fan of handmade goods. Here is a list of my handmade picks for this Christmas. Would you like to share yours?

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Luscious Greens

Doesn't this bring back memories of the shimmery hues of sea waters lapping on pure white sands?

I'm becoming quite a big fan of wirework and here is one of my more productive experiments. Let me know what you think of it. :-)

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I won this!

I took part in Anna-Karin's blog giveaway and won this!

Even more gorgeous in real life, these matt silver discs are cut so round, and the overlay of 2 discs in each earring brings to mind the image of a silvery moon in the dark sky. Finally I can see why they are named Lunaris!

The sage green packaging (of organza bag with pale green ribbons) remind me of pine trees - the perfect gift wrap for Lunaris!
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