The Perfect Moment

Organising a bunch of gems of various colors, hues and shapes together into an interesting and unique palette is for me, very often a result of serendipidity.  The process is almost like searching for and capturing the perfect moment - a surprise of colors juxtaposed yet in harmony.

I believe that a jewelry artisan works very much the same way an oil painter approaches his paints.  Bearing the principles of the color theory in our minds, every discovery of a unique palette is at once heartstopping and breathtaking.  It is a perfect moment, and a gift.


  1. Your passion for your craft really shines through your blog.

    wishing you an inspired and successful new year!


  2. Just wanted to let you know that you've been tagged!

    take care,


  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comments...your jewelry is AMAZING!!


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