Art Nouveau dream: Klimt and Mucha

Some months back, I shared pictures of my trip to Vienna and Prague.  It was delightful to be there in summer, despite the huge tourist crowd and the opera house and shops going on vacation.  The beautiful cities and the long daylight hours more than made up for it.

What made the trip even more fulfilling was the discovery of two incredibly amazing artists.

An Austrian artist with an uncanny ability to capture compelling emotions as seen in these paintings below that so intrigued me:

left: The Kiss, 1907/08; right: name unknown

The Three Ages of Woman, 1905
A Czech artist whose Art Nouveau style in paintings, posters and illustrations is ever so alluring that could capture my attention for hours.  The Muchas museum in Prague was a disappointment though... I felt it could have done a much better job in curating Mucha's work. 

F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur - Lithograph, 1897 
 The Times of the Day series, 1899


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