Giverny's Gardens

I chanced upon this beautiful sight in Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny.  It is amazingly tranquil yet does not detract from the vibrant lush colors of the fabled gardens.

I have tried to capture my own with songea sapphires and mint green amethysts in this piece here:



  1. beautiful! just love those earrings! i'm taking a break from playing in my studio. lots of mother's day jewelry to make and ship out. sun is shinning. life is beautiful!
    hugs to you dear!

  2. The garden and earrings are beautiful. i love seeing where your inspirations come from.

  3. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments!

  4. Gorgeous pic and earrings too! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a nicey :)

  5. Beautiful earrings! That photo is just lovely.

  6. The combination of sapphires & amethyst looks very impressive. Overall this piece is well created and looks elegant.Great Job!!

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