I heart :: Cornflowers

photographed by Michaël Pontégnie from Belgium, June 2002
The lovely cornflower, a tradition of English country gardens, becomes my latest inspiration.

Also known as the Bachelor's Button, it was said that the cornflower was worn in buttonholes of young men in love when they went courting the ladies.  Cornflowers last so well after cutting, that the couple could dance the night away and the cornflower would sparkle.

How lovely would it be to dress up your ears with these:

And to sleep with these:


  1. Gorgeous earrings, gorgeous photo. Your talent never fails to amaze me :)
    I love that soft blue you used for the cluster.

  2. Love the cornflowers! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad I found you, and I'm a new follower!

  3. First I must say that i love your films..i simply french films and have you seen Jeux d'Enfants, i bet you have! Im glad I came upon this blog, its simply delightful and lovely, hope you've been having a good week! I know its raining like there's no tomorrow over here but you know what they say April Showers, come May flowers- or something like that, haha. Much love!

  4. The earrings are just lovely. pretty colour combi.

  5. First time visitor to your blog, also a first time visitor to your Etsy shop, your work is stunning!

  6. Joanne, I did watch Jeux d'Enfants and it left a bittersweet taste in my heart. I'm glad to meet you through my blog though!

    Trishie, OneCraftyFox and Bride Chic - thanks so much for your lovely compliments!


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