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Peaches and Cream

The apricot-peach color, one of the perennial favorites in my wardrobe, is a common theme that runs through these lovely scenes below.  No matter how bad the day has been going, it has the uncanny ability to lift the spirit and brighten up the day.  In the right ensemble, it can transform a girl into a sweet and sophisticated lady.

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Brandi said...

Peach is a new favorite for me, but I looove it to pieces.

shari @ little blue deer said...

So gorgeous, especially that top pic! I love it when my husband brings home peaches, I snatch them up to decorate with until he eats them!

bridechic said...

I'm so drawn to colors in this range. Visually they do something great to my senses and inspire me.

ceo said...

I love the peach dress.......

Just found your blog I am following now.

Duni said...

You're absolutely right, Su. Colours in the apricot family are so uplifting.
Stunning earrings! I like that your pieces are glamorous without being 'over-the-top'.

best wishes,


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