Cythera :: Isle of Love

I first stumbled upon the story of the fabled island in Jean-Antoine Watteau's paintings, drawn from the world of Italian comedy and ballet and manifested in fêtes galantes style.  Cythera, also thought to be the birthplace of Venus, goddess of love, became the place where one could hope to find his or her ideal partner.  These paintings are unusual in that you can never exactly tell if the people on the island are coming or going.

I was spurred to interpret these enchanting landscapes and mood in these paintings but wanted to add a modern twist to when this yellow bantam pendant from Rosalera came along, things fell in perfectly!  The pendant becomes a keepsake and reminder of happy memories and was wonderful to go with a palette of sapphires, amethysts and lemon quartz and a solitary Akoya baroque pearl (all the gems a girl would love!) was a very happy day indeed!    


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