What I have been busy with...

Something wonderful has been brewing in my little studio.

A few customers approached me lately to create bespoke pieces.  As I soon discovered, custom orders require a lot more communication with the customer.  The interaction has been both fulfilling and humbling for me, as I learn about the stories and ideas of my customers and create for them a wearable piece of art that we both love and know will delight the recipient. 

The first bespoke piece I made was meant as a present from a daughter-in-law to her mother-in-law.  J. had wanted a necklace created from the birthstones of her baby girl, her husband and herself.  It's truly a meaningful gift... I can only imagine the mother-in-law will feel that her family are close to her heart whenever she wears this necklace.       

M. saw the Dandelion earrings in my Etsy studio and was inspired to create a single earring for herself.  She has a clear love of semi-precious opaque stones and natural curiosities to precious sparkling gems.  We finally decided on lapis kites and this was what I made for her.  She is going to look really cool in this!



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