Muse :: Femme Fatale

Intrigued by the sensual femme fatale from Tom Ford's Black Orchid fragrance and the mysterious night sky with its swirling clouds and pearly moon, I dug into my stash of blue-gray stones and look what I turned up: 

Blue-flash labradorites
(you can actually see the blue flash in them which is rare!);

Peacock blue and green pearls (organic and round);

Shimmering water sapphires (iolite); and 

Ocean-deep blue sapphires!

And if you notice the baroque platinum pearl, that was the last one I managed to salvage from a strand of not-too-great pearls and the golden citrine oval bursting with sunshine was a beautiful distraction.    

Tom Ford


  1. Dearest sweet su, oh really gorgeous inspiration and i love love that bracelet! It's really beautiful and the colors are gorgeous!
    So happy to hear that had a very similar experience with a surprise mail! Happy sunday sweet friend and love to you!



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