Inspiration :: Dior Couture

Inspired by a stunning shot of Dior couture... or perhaps mesmerised by the lens of Patrick Demarchelier, I can't help loving his pictures, especially this one.

Interpreted in my own words:

If you are intrigued by Patrick Demarchelier's photography, drop by this gallery to see the rest of his Dior couture shots.


  1. Dearest sweet Su, Patrick Demarchelier's photography is soo inspiring!! Oh and i really love your Midnight beautiful! Happy sunday and love to you!


  2. Hi Su,

    Dior is the epitome of elegance...I understand why you were inspired my this image. Your necklace is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship - as all your pieces! The Peruvian necklace in your shop is absolutely stunning!

    p.s. thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Isn't it sad how some bored people have nothing better to do than search my entire blog for any (supposedly) illegal links. The link in question was a Cat Award given to me by a fellow blogger.


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