For the Love of Geode

Geodes, deriving its name from the Greek word which means "earthlike", have long been valued as objects of curiosities and prized for its beauty.

Discovered as almost rounded formations found in volcanic and sedimentary rocks, geodes often contain tiny sparkling crystals in their cavities (like spilled salt or sugar), sometimes banding with agate, chalcedony or jasper.  This blanket of tiny crystals occur through a process taking perhaps a few hundred or even a few thousand years to form and is more commonly known as "druzy". 

The Geode stone is precious such that each is unique in size, form and color while capturing the characteristics of its locale.  Of course, I could not resist acquiring some pieces of my own.  You will find this one in the shop:

Clementine Necklace by Il Mare Atelier 
(On Artfire and Etsy)

And here is what I made as a birthday present for a friend - an amethyst druzy pendant (that I have been hoarding for a while) edged and backed with 18K gold gliding along an oxidized sterling silver chain with ruby and pyrite accents.


  1. Dearest sweet Su, these stones are so beautiful!! I love that gorgeous pendant you made for your friend. It\s gorgeous!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  2. Thank you so much for the lovely comments, ladies!

  3. Hello sweet Su, happy Sunday!! I hope you are enjoying your gorgeous weekend so far! Thank YOU so much for voting for me over at TinyWhispers! Love to you!



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