Matchy Matchy

I have to admit that rarely do I feel inspired to make matching sets, except at the request of my clients.  They always felt a little too matchy matchy (forgive the pun) for my taste.  Hop over to see the last set I made here.  Wow, how long ago was that?!

And just very recently, I had the chance to work at matching sets again.  A friend who brought the gorgeous Imperiale bracelet home several months ago had a request for matching earrings.  See the result below:

Shortly after, I received a request for a pair of earrings to be created in the same color palette as this pearl and gemstone bracelet - a birthday present made about two years ago.  I added a subtle twist to the earrings gemstone palette and it turned out pretty refreshing.  To my pleasant surprise, the earrings received lots of love when I first posted the picture at my Facebook page


  1. Oh sweet Su, i adore matchy matchy. hehe These earrings you made for both the bracelets are extremely beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I hope someday i could also collect a matchy matchy pair from you. I just have to stop having too many dolly wishes! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and happy Valentine's day!! Love to you!



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