Bespoke Inspirations

If you have been wondering where I was, the last couple of months have had me engrossed in working on two bespoke pieces, which have now been completed and delivered to satisfied customers. 

The first order was a request to capture the essence of the beautiful Caribbean Islands in an elaborate beaded bracelet (first inspired by a lovely lavender Amethyst bracelet in my shop).  After many convos, gemstone searches and picture collages later, I am glad that I finally got the "Caribbean feel" right.  :)

The second piece was a remake of the Peaches and Cream earrings to match an outfit with an interesting geometric design (see it below).  Carnelians, Oregon Sunstones and Padparadscha Sapphires did the trick to create an orangey twist to the design and am I pleased with the result!  So is the client, if I may add :)


  1. Good morning Su!

    my goodness, these pieces are exceptionally beautiful! I love how you captured the Caribbean in the blue bracelet! Your customers were thrilled no doubt :)
    Hope you are doing great, take care
    Duni xo


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