Clouds, Lakes and the Sky

Have you ever fantasized about living in the clouds?  I know I have... then I read this:

"But then in middle school science, Mr. Martinez asked who among us had ever fantasized about living in the clouds, and everyone raised their hand. Then Mr. Martinez told us that up in the clouds the wind blew one hundred and fifty miles an hour and the temperature was thirty below zero and there was no oxygen and we’d all die within seconds.”
~ Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars

So I decided to mull over these instead:

Mood Indigo is a story about a woman who suffers from an unusual illness from a flower growing in her lungs.  One of my favorite actress, Audrey Tatou stars in this film.

Lake Wanaka from Mt. Roy, New Zealand

Nothing but Rain

Clouds in the Sky by Il Mare Atelier on Artfire and Etsy


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