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Moodboard :: Neutral Shades

Having dabbled with cheerful, vibrant colors in most of my work, I thought it would be fun to experiment with neutrals for a change. And here are some of the beautiful neutrals that inspired my latest creation.

Awesome cOOkies, so delightful for Christmas too!  By Vanessa Hernandez

Wouldn't it be intriguing to find out the stories behind these pictures on the wallboard?  By Elizabeth Adeline
The folds in the skirt and the ruched bodice wrap create a modern yet romantic flair in this gorgeous outfit.  Found on Pinterest but unfortunately I did not find the original source of this.

Romantic vintage-inspired table setting... I would love to get an invitation to this party!  By Everything Fabulous

Sweet Neutrals by Il Mare Atelier at Etsy and Artfire
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Timeless Pearls

All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography.  
~ Federico Fellini, 1965

Long coveted by European royalty and still very much desired in modern times, a pearl is a delectable work of art by nature taking years to form.  From freshwater pearls to Akoya, Tahitian and South sea pearls, they transcend time and fashion trends.

See how pearls transform the well-loved Little Black Dress into glamour!

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Natural pearls are virtually non-existent today.  I loved that this pair is non-symmetrical in color yet retain design consistency in the rim of diamonds:

Black and white natural pearl and diamond Van Cleef & Arpels ear clips (circa 1957) once owned by the Duchess of Windsor

And isn't it awesome when pearls are not always perfectly spherical?

Perhaps you could stare all day at those pearls and never tire of them:

How do you feel about pearls?  Do you love them, covet them or disdain them?

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Art Nouveau dream: Klimt and Mucha

Some months back, I shared pictures of my trip to Vienna and Prague.  It was delightful to be there in summer, despite the huge tourist crowd and the opera house and shops going on vacation.  The beautiful cities and the long daylight hours more than made up for it.

What made the trip even more fulfilling was the discovery of two incredibly amazing artists.

An Austrian artist with an uncanny ability to capture compelling emotions as seen in these paintings below that so intrigued me:

left: The Kiss, 1907/08; right: name unknown

The Three Ages of Woman, 1905
A Czech artist whose Art Nouveau style in paintings, posters and illustrations is ever so alluring that could capture my attention for hours.  The Muchas museum in Prague was a disappointment though... I felt it could have done a much better job in curating Mucha's work. 

F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur - Lithograph, 1897 
 The Times of the Day series, 1899
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Fleur-de-lis :: A study

Fleur-de-lis, which literally means "lily flower" in French appears to be inspired by the iris flower.  The three leaves were said to represent the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed.

The Fleur-de-lys symbol grew to became the ancient emblem of the city of Florence and is often seen as the mark of royalty (especially the French monarchy).  The symbol has been widely used in military insignia, religious art and architecture.

Today, the fleur-de-lis symbol continues to weave itself into works of art, especially in architecture and jewelry:

Silver fleur-de-lis bracelet by Serrelynda

Fleur de lis pin with London blue topaz pendant by Il Mare Atelier (on Etsy and Artfire)

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Silk. Tulle. Love.

Pink silk shoes, tulle gathers, lace motifs, sweeping calligraphy...all make for a very romantic wedding, don't you think?  



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For the next couple of weeks, I'll be away on a much awaited vacation to the lovely cities of Vienna and Prague.  A time to soak in the rich culture and heritage while drawing inspiration for coming collections.

Very ornate building in downtown Vienna, Austria by DDubPhotog

Lady with Flowers by Art de L'imaginaire

My Etsy and Artfire shops will be kept open during this time I'm away and all purchases after Monday evening (6th August Singapore time) will ship on 22th August.  I'll check my messages from time to time so feel free to drop me a note if you have questions.

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Inspiration :: Azure

Evoking thoughts of tropical beaches, idyllic Greek Isles, celestial blue skies... can you feel your spirits soar?

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Ombre Love

The varying intensity in color, the graduation in blushing pinks, citrus hues and ocean tones all but set my heart swooning...

Martha Stewart Weddings - how can anyone bear to walk on this?

Anthropologie - Ethereally Ombre dress - love this the first time I saw it!

Simon Watson - too cool!

Kirsty Mitchell Photography - there is an inspiring story to this picture, 
read about it here.

Maggie Austin Cake - dreaming of a wedding cake like this

Design*Sponge - I'm thinking "Indian Summer" here!

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Summer Fun

In this scorchingly hot weather, all I want to do is lie down at a beach or a poolside with some ice-cool lemonade.  How are you enjoying your summer?

Join me for more eye-candy fun here!  And there will be those times that you just wish to stay indoors... and dress up for high tea :)  (More ideas here!)

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5 Ways to Care for your Jewelry

As the summer weather turns the heat up, here are some jewelry care tips to bear in mind:

1.  Don't hop into the pool with your jewelry on.  Take them off before swimming and strenuous activities.  Saltwater and chlorine can be damaging, especially for sterling silver jewelry.  Sweat can also make sterling silver jewelry tarnish quickly.

2. Take off your jewelry before applying lotions - sunblock, insect repellant, hairspray etc, makeup and perfumes.  Chemicals may get trapped in the tiny nooks and crevices of chains and gemstone prones, making it hard to remove later.  These substances may also react with the metal causing tarnish.

3. Repair loose findings, gemstone prongs and clasps.  It is easy to lose a piece of jewelry or individual gemstones and beads simply because your jewelry is in poor repair.

4. Clean your jewelry regularly.  Your sweat and body oils can dull the shine of your favorite jewelry pieces.  Prevent tarnish with regular cleaning using warm water and mild soap and polishing with a soft cloth.  Make sure they are completely dry before storage.  Do polish your jewelry with a professional jewelry polishing cloth after wearing to remove oil, fingerprints and dust.

5. Store jewelry pieces in separate airtight bags or boxes in a cool dry place.   This would help prevent jewelry pieces from scratching one another.  Insert an anti-tarnish strip inside each bag for added protection against oxidation.  

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Inspiration :: Dior Couture

Inspired by a stunning shot of Dior couture... or perhaps mesmerised by the lens of Patrick Demarchelier, I can't help loving his pictures, especially this one.

Interpreted in my own words:

If you are intrigued by Patrick Demarchelier's photography, drop by this gallery to see the rest of his Dior couture shots.

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Inspiration :: Wild Roses

I had a garden, which I kept 
With busy hands and tender care;
And once, while carelessly I slept, 
Fanned softly by the drowsy air,
A wild rose to my garden crept, 
And blossomed there.

~ from My Wild Rose by Ellen P. Allerton

Snow White and Rose Red 
by Jessie Wilcox Smith, 1911

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A Story for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches on May 13th,  this is a wonderful time to share a lovely heartwarming film about mothers with you:

Do you have any Mother's Day stories to share?  I would love to hear from you.

Also if you are shopping a gift for Mom at Il Mare Atelier, enjoy complimentary shipping with your purchase!

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3 Practical & Creative Ways on How To Organise your jewelry

How do you organise your jewelry?  Let us count the ways...

1.  Hang them up...

2. Place them in trays...

3.  Frame them up! 

(I couldn't find the source of this picture to give credit, 
so if you happen to know the source, please drop me a note.  Thanks!)

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